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This is a property of type Text.

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Pilguse Manor +Old-established manor complex
Pomeranian Dukes' Castle +One of the main centres of cultural life in Western Pomerania.
Pädaste Manor +Fully renovated 16th century Manor that has been turned into a luxury hotel and a spa complex


Ruins of Maasi fort-castle +History object, Ruins of Maasi fort-castle
Rundāle Palace +Turaida brick castle is the main dominance of Turaida Museum Reserve and its visually most impressive element.
Rāzna National Park +Typical landscapes of hillocks and lakes.Unique cultural environment


Skokloster Castle +The biggest castle ever built in Sweden
St. Madeline's Church +The oldest known wooden building still standing in Estonia
Suvorov Memorial Museum +The museum building resembles a castle from fairy-tales of gallant warriors and is nicely decorated with turrets and battlements, along with medieval armors carved of stone.
Sõrve Military Museum +The last foothold in the German forces on Estonian soil during World War II. Today, there are a number of military objects that resemble the hard times.
Sõrve peninsula +Natural sites on the peninsula Ohessaare cliff, Viieristi Nature reserve, Sõrve spit with grand lighthouse, best place for bird watchers. History and military museum.
Słowiński National Park +Dune belt of spits with moving dunes, unique in Europe


Turaida Castle +Turaida brick castle is the main dominance of Turaida Museum Reserve and its visually most impressive element.


Vasa Museum Stockholm +Sensational shipwreck from the 17th century
Viking Museum Haithabu +The museum is devoted to the archaeology and history of the Viking town of Hedeby.
Vilsandi National Park +Vilsandi National Park comprises the Island of Vilsandi with the islets and boulders surrounding it, and the bays of Kihelkonna.
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