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BASTIS runs on the MediaWiki software - the same software Wikipedia and a lot of other wikis are based on. For general help how to read or edit pages within BASTIS please have a look at the MediaWiki Help Page!

There are still some Bastis-specific hints and tricks we would like to show you on this Help page.
IMPORTANT: To add and edit pages within BASTIS you need to be logged in into your own BASTIS-accout!

How to create your own BASTIS-account

Click on the Log in / create account button on the upper right of the wiki pages:


Then click on Create account and create your own account :-)


How to edit an existing BASTIS-page

Go to the BASTIS-page you want to edit - then click on the Edit button. For the formatting of your text and input you can either use our Edit-Toolbar or if you are already comfortable in editing wiki pages just use the respective formatting characters.


How to create a new BASTIS-page

Go with our Navigation Bar on the lefthand side or with the Search Function on the upper right to the category/page from which you want to link/access your new page and click Edit!

Example: How to add the VASA MUSEUM Stockholm as a new Heritage Site Page Navigate to Heritage Sites an then to Museums, where you want to locate your new page. Then click Edit.