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It is!So '''plunge forward'''! Who knows? You might enjoy it!<ref>Modified from []</ref>
It is!So '''plunge forward'''! Who knows? You might enjoy it!<ref>Modified from []</ref>

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BASTIS runs on the MediaWiki software - the same software Wikipedia and a lot of other wikis are based on. For general help how to read or edit pages within BASTIS please have a look at the MediaWiki Help Page!

There are still some Bastis-specific hints and tricks we would like to show you on this Help page.
IMPORTANT: To add and edit pages within BASTIS you need to be logged in into your own BASTIS-accout!


How to create your own BASTIS-account

Click on the Log in / create account button on the upper right of the wiki pages:


Then click on Create account and create your own account :-)


How to edit an existing BASTIS-page

Go to the BASTIS-page you want to edit - then click on the Edit button. For the formatting of your text and input you can either use our Edit-Toolbar or if you are already comfortable in editing wiki pages just use the respective formatting characters.


How to create a new BASTIS-page

Go with our Navigation Bar on the lefthand side or with the Search Function on the upper right to the category/page from which you want to link/access your new page and click Edit!

Example: How to add the VASA MUSEUM Stockholm as a new Heritage Site Page
Navigate to Heritage Sites an then to Museums, where you want to locate your new page. Then click Edit.


Enter your Heritage Site and if it is still missing, also the country the site is located in. Make sure that you entering your site exactly in the same structure that was used for already existing Heritage Sites! When you are done click Safe page.


Now click on the red link to your page [Vasa Museum Stockholm] and start creating your own site. In order to use the same or at least a similiar structure as all other Heritage Sites, the easiest way is to copy the content of an existing Heritag Site, paste it into your page and modify it according to your needs!


Plunge forward!!

Being a tourism professional requires courage, self-confidence and perseverance. Being a BASTIS-author requires the same qualities. We expect you to plunge forward into the task of authoring, editing, and illustrating pages on BASTIS. You can edit any article on Wikitravel, and we hope that you do. We need your knowledge, your experience, your talent, and your attention. Plunging forward means:

  • Being assertive. Your knowledge and experience count! Don't worry about not being good enough. We want your help.
  • Experimenting. There's really not much permanent damage you can do to BASTIS. If things get really broken, other authors or we (N.I.T. and/or BTC) will come in and fix them.
  • Doing what's OK right now. You don't have to create a perfect, fully formed article the first time around. Get your thoughts down, and let others expand on them. That's how BASTIS works!
  • Ignoring authority. You have as much right to edit anything on Wikitravel as anyone else does. Don't bother asking whether it's all right to edit something.

It is!So plunge forward! Who knows? You might enjoy it![1]


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