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Do not want to "lose money", do not ignore "password" to do financial trans

From bastis

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Today, most workers choose to do financial transactions via the Internet or Mobile Banking. Because it facilitates And can save a lot of time But if anyone accidentally loses their mobile phone Or set the website to enter the transaction to remember their password or password May cause "money lost" problems without knowing from all the bad guys
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Damn, was I wrong. Wine Guy has gone above and beyond and shown me he has no intention of going anywhere. He's been supportive, loving, helpful, tolerant...all that stuff. And the most important part is that I finally started to let him be these things. I'm sure nothing bothered him more than all the inherent distrust I was projecting towards him as the surgery date came closer. He did nothing to deserve that distrust and I'm sure it hurt. But once they put me under and sliced open my hip, there was no room for bullsh*t fears --I just plain needed him. And he was just plain there.

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