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Heritage Sites:Vilsandi National Park

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Vilsandi National Park
Hülged vilsandil.jpg
Country Estonia
Place Saaremaa island, Kihelkonna and Lümanda commune
Short Description Vilsandi National Park comprises the Island of Vilsandi with the islets and boulders surrounding it, and the bays of Kihelkonna.
Visitors 2010

There are numerous hiking paths and bird watching towers throughout the park. It’s located in Kihelkonna commune, Saare County and includes the island of Vilsandi, 160 other islands and islets, parts of Western Saaremaa and the Harilaid peninsula. Vilsandi National Park covers 238 km2, including 163 km2 of sea and 75 km2 of land. It was developed from the Vaika Bird Reserve, which was formed in 1914. Vilsandi is an international bird sanctuary with over 250 recorded bird species (112 nesting). The most famous is the common eider, several thousands pairs nest on the islets. Even in winter you can see flocks of Steller's eiders in the park. Grey seals also come to Innarahu (an islet) to give birth.

Hülged vilsandil.jpg


About the Heritage Site

  • Country: West Estonia, Saaremaa island
  • Location: Saaremaa island, Kihelkonna and Lümanda commune
  • Type of location: Protects and introduces characteristic to Estonia biological diversity and landscapeses of the region, the national maritime heritage and historic monuments. Develops and maintains West-Estonian coastline traditional lifestyles. Protects of coastal marine ecosystems, and the conditions governing the use of various means. Protects species and their habitats under inernational conventions.
  • Experience offered:Informs visitor about its natural and cultural values and gives nature education (numerous bird species, characteristic vegetation, fauna of a brackish water sea). The National Park offers a variety of excursions such as kayaking, seal watching and other nature trips (hiking trips on foot, bird-watching, nature education, fishing).
  • Website:
  • Postal Adress:
Loona village, Kihelkonna Rural Municipality, Saare County 93431, Estonia
phone:+372 454 6510

Accessibility of Heritage Site

  • Opening times:
The park’s visitor centre is located in Loona Manor
01.10.-30.04.: Open for advance bookings only
01.05.-30.09.: open 24 hours

  • Entrance fee:

Free of charge

  • How to get there
By car: Take the road no 78 from Kuressaare to Kihelkonna, follow the Lümanda road about 4 km and then turn right map
By boat: See Tuule Laevad.
By plane: 30 minute flight from Tallinn to Kuressaare

Size/capacities of Heritage Site

  • Vilsandi National Park includes about 100 islands and the surface area is 180 km². Vilsandi itself is small – 6 km long and barely 3 km wide.
  • Museum of meteoritics and limestone, conference room to 60 people, Hotel and guesthouse and sauna, shop and souvenir shop, dining at Kaali Tavern
  • Diverse offer of guided tours for all kinds of target groups

Number of visitors in Heritage Site

Visitor's structure, behaviour, satisfaction

Visitor's structure

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Country
  • Are the visitors on holiday or visiting from their home?
  • If on holiday:
What kind of holiday?
Holiday accommodation?
Holiday means of transportation?
Holiday alone/accompanied by ...?

Visitor's behaviour

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  • How did the visitors become aware of Heritage Site?
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  • How much time did the visitors spend in Heritage Site?

Visitors satisfaction

  • Satisfaction with different aspects of Heritage Site

Marketing etc.

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  • Cooperations:
  • Development plans:


Facts about Vilsandi National ParkRDF feed
Coordinates58° 22' 50" N, 21° 49' 56" E  +
CountryEstonia  +
Heritage Site CategoryNational Park  +
PlaceSaaremaa island, Kihelkonna and Lümanda commune  +
Reference Year2010  +
Short DescriptionVilsandi National Park comprises the Island of Vilsandi with the islets and boulders surrounding it, and the bays of Kihelkonna.
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