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Heritage Sites:“Pripyatsky” National Park

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National Park "Pripyatsky" is situated in the very centre of the Belarusian Polesie, 250 km to the south from Minsk. The protected territory in the Pripyat area - the State Landscape Hydrological Reserve - was set up in 1969, and the National Park was established here in 1996. The total area of the park is more than 83,000 hectares. Its terri¬tory stretches for 64 km from west to east and is a vast plain in the south of the Pripyat Polesie consisting of the area at the river Pripyat and terraces, which turned into a water-glacial plain at the very south. More than 30 amazing riverside lakes and several small rivers can be found among them. The flora of the park is presented by 826 higher-type plants and above 200 types of moss. All types of woods and marshes typical for Polesie can be found here. The fauna of the National park includes 45 types of animals, 265 types of birds, 7 types of reptiles, 11 types of amphibians, 37 types of fish. Other dwellers here are also European bison, badgers, lynxes, black storks, grey cranes, snake-birds, eagle-owls, big sub-eagles, marsh turtles, reed toads, grass-snakes, starlets. The park’s administration resides in the township of Turov (28 km from the Brest-Bryansk highway). Turov is one of the oldest Slavic towns, the center of a principality during the epoch of early feudalism. You have the chance to visit Turov’s museum of local folklore. There are also science laboratories, a nature museum and a hotel.


Tourism Infrastructure

Khlupinskaya Buda”

Tourist complex is the biggest tourist initiative in “Pripyatsky” National Park. It is situated in a wood 4 km from River Pripyat. The complex includes 4 cottages, a guarded parking lot, a rest place with a campfire site, a table with a shed and a Russian bathhouse. There are four doubles rooms in each of the two buildings and two more comfort_ able rooms in the third building. The buildings are equipped with a kitchen, toilets, fridges, TV and audio sets. The fourth building accommodates a dining hall, a bar and a dance hall. Three hot meals a day are available on request. Menu includes Belarusian Polesye traditional dishes, such as vareniki and draniki, as well as specialties of the house – stuffed and baked fish. The complex can accommodate 19-24 people at the same time.


“Kabachok” Guest House is situated inside the forest, near to the bank of the River Pripyat. It has two cottages with first class and doubles rooms. Cottages are equipped with a mini kitchen, dining tables, fridges, TV sets, shower cabins with hot and cold water and a telephone. Three meals a day are available on request. The cottages can accommodate 17-20 people at the same time.


“Cheretyanka” Guest House is a first class cottage with the capacity to accommodate 4-5 people at any one time. It is situated in the forestland by the banks of Lake Cheretyanka. It consists of two doubles rooms, a mini kitchen, a dining hall, a lavatory and a shower room, and a fireplace hall with a TV set. There is a mooring platform for boats, a Russian steam bathhouse on the banks of the lake, a campfire site and cages with wolf cubs.