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Heritage Sites:"Annenski kirmash" festival

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This fair was a great success when held on August 21, 2010 in Zelva. This fair has a 290-year history. It was founded by Anthony Sapieha approved by the Polish King August II in honor of St. Anne on July 25. Probably that is why the fair is called Anne’s. It used to last for one month; annually the fair was attended by some 3000 people. Some researchers argue that the Anne's Fair was one of the largest in Europe and the only more important was the famous Leipzig fair. Visitors came to Zelva from France, Saxony, Bavaria, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey and Persia. Specific issue was horse-trading. Horses were sold by thousands. Therefore it is no coincidence that the coat of arms of Zelva features a horse, which is a symbol of life and victory. They tried to revive the fair a few times. And this year, with the financial support of the project, active participation of local authorities and population, it turned to be a great success. This event was also made possible by a Saturday of volunteer work conducted by the local dwellers with the raised funds spent on the festival. The Fair opened with a costume show – Sapieha himself arrived in a carriage with his retinue. For one day the entire city become a borough of the XIX century - signs, costumes, games and fun matched the style of the period. Several sites worked in Zelva: the stadium was the venue for equestrian events, "crafts city” satisfied everyone’s needs for souvenirs, hospitable tables of local catering service were offering local cuisine (by the way, benches and tables were made according to special design), and the service center was busy all day sewing costumes of flax for everyone who could not buy them from fair booths. Guests had a great fun - pillow fight, running on stilts, catching fish with one hand, puppet-theater Batleyka, riders, circus, brass band and fireworks. Fair was attended by about 4000 people; turnover of local trade surpassed all expectations. The service center earned their monthly rate, and the entire turnover of one Fair day was equal to the ten-day turnover of the district. Fair proved its economic efficiency. In the last century they said that people of Zelva have eleven months of boredom and one month of live. Today the fair is becoming a major event in the life of the district. Perhaps this is the event that tourists from around the world may want to visit. And Greenway would enable them to stay here longer. Зельва.jpg Анненский.jpg