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Helpful Documents: Sustainablity Check for Tourism Projects

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In tourism, there are many so-called sustainable projects and many external funds which require "sustainability". Unfortunately the is no common standard for assessing the sustainability of "sustainable" tourism projects. Therefore, the task was to develop a tool which provides just that: the Sustainability Check!

The Sustainability Check for Tourism Projects was developed during the first Agora project(2005-2007) the predecessor of AGORA 2.0. As the Sustainability Check still provides valuable content for tourism practitioners in the BSR, we decided to make it accessible within BASTIS.

What is the Sustainability Check?

  • A testing tool for the sustainability of tourism projects
  • An application form to avoid the granting of projects with negative impacts on society, environment and/or economy
  • A tool to stem the arbitrary off the term "sustainability"
  • A guideline to stimulate sustainable tourism projects

Who should use the Sustainability Check?

  • Public and other bodies on all levels providing financial subsidies or other support to the tourism sector
  • Applicants to these bodies to prove that their project is sustainable
  • Anyone who wants to ensure that a certain project is sustainable

What documentation is available?